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This page is intended for the Reminiscing Writers to provide information about the blog. It is only for members of a Minnesota writing group and a few other writers from other states. It is not open to other writers. Carolyn Wilhelm is the administrator.

1. Writers will post on the blog themselves.
2. A gmail address is required by Google to participate.
3. Send Carolyn an email and request to participate. Carolyn will give permission to Reminiscing Writers authors to join.
4. Accept the author invitation even if not ready to post as it will expire. You do not need to post or have anything on the blog until you are ready once an author.
5. Delete the invitation email after accepted as if accepted twice, the entire process starts over which is confusing.
6. Go to as the blog is at that address. Sign in if not already signed in to gmail.
7. Your gmail and login and passwords are identical.
8. Authors can also sign in at
9. Only post non-controversial content with no adult topics.
10. Authors who post controversial or adult topics will be removed by the administrator.
11. Stories should be rated G or PG.
12. No profanity or sexually explicit content. The blog is provided free of charge by Google's Blogger site and can be removed at any time by Google for offensive content.
13. The idea of this blog is to share things suitable for grandchildren and family.
14. Be sure you have copyright/permission to post your story or content. If you wrote it yourself and it is not published elsewhere, it is fine. If content has been previously published, do not republish.
15. Other content published online may be described and a link provided for a blog post or on the author's page.
16. Posts or writing pieces do not have to be full stories and may be a short collection of thoughts or information.
17. Photos should be resized to about 500 X 500. Ask Carolyn for help with photos. Bloggers who post photos should realize the photos reside on your own Google Drive.
18. Google Drive is free up to 15 GB for anyone using gmail.
19. Carolyn will post author bios and set up author pages.
20. Carolyn will post one photo (of the author) for each person. The photo will be on Carolyn's Google Drive because that is how Blogger works.
21. Carolyn will show authors how to create blog posts, add to author pages, upload photos, and edit/delete writing or photos.
22. URLs to blog posts may be shared with family and friends who will be able to see the writing pieces.
23. Carolyn will oversee comments and remove spam comments that get through the Google filters. Therefore, comments will not automatically be approved. Family and friends who wish to comment should realize there will be a lag between posting a comment and having it approved.
24. Authors should realize that anything online can be copied and pasted by hackers and spammers. I do not know why people do copy online but they do. Keep this in mind when posting.
25. If authors are writing to someday publish a copyrighted book they probably do not want to share such proprietary pieces on this public blog.
25. Carolyn or the author may turn off comments for any posts or pages. Ask for help if needed.
26. Rules and information may change and be updated. Authors should check for updates.

To sign up please fill out this form when logged in to your Gmail account. 

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