Lois Caswell

Lois Caswell Free Online Children's Stories

Lois Caswell writes stories for children everywhere and is the online grandma for everyone. Her stories tell about the "olden" days and are free. Here are links to her stories on Wise Owl Factory. Each story has a printable educational activity with it, as well.
Lois has written two stories on this blog:  Bike in a Basket and Still Smiling. The next children's reader is based on those two stories. It is free and opens here

Threshing Time was a time of excitement and Lois shares this story with her own grandchildren, as well as children everywhere in a free instant download PDF at this link

Misty the Amazing Dog Emergent Reader Freebie 

At the link are two versions of the story, one for emergent readers and one for independent readers. They are both free instant download PDFs.

Frog Day was special for the family of Lois Caswell, and it was celebrated every April 1st (in place of April Fool's Day, what a good idea). See and download the story and more information at his post. In addition to the story, there are also some fun math games in the free PDF. 

Once, Lois was making an angel food cake the old fashioned way with no electric beater. You might not know such a thing is possible! Things got out of hand in the kitchen and this became quite the story. Download the free emergent reader and a fraction measurement game included in the free PDF

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