E.Irene Theis

E. Irene Theis

E. Irene Theis graduated from college at age 66, and published her first book at age 91. She is looking forward to being 90 years young next year, and she just might do that as she is so vivacious and lively!

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The Kindle version can be located at this link, and the paperback at this link. Learn what changes have happend over the course of her long life! 

Living Life: Nine to Ninety

This is one woman’s story of discrimination and violence against women, but it mirrors the lives of many women over the past 90 years. 
She talks about her struggles raising five children in the 50’s and 60”s when there were no resources as domestic violence was not addressed by the church, law enforcement or even the courts.

She became an advocate. She began by improving her marketability in the business world by graduating from Metropolitan State University at age 66, and joining BPW, a vehicle for women’s growth and support.
How she coped with life and the effects on her children are addressed and how they, through her guidance, were able to eventually live productive lives despite what they went through.

By spending much of her later life working to help other women, she was able to rise above her pain and become healthy and happy.

She at 90 encourages other women to work for equality and fairness and become healthy and wealthy women who help others.

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