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Author E. Irene Theis Reading Hew Newly Published Book

Author E. Irene Theis Reading Her Newly Published Book

Author E. Irene Theis Reading Her Newly Published Book

Author E. Irene Theis reading her newly published book, Living Life: Nine to Ninety: Abuse to Empowerment. At 91 years young, she is a wonderful example to others. Her goal is to help empower women and help them be healthy.
Living Life: Nine to Ninety: Abuse to Empowerment

Irene has been writing this book for two years and it covers much of her long life, from when she was nine (and younger) to when she was 90 (and counting). 

This is one woman’s story of discrimination and violence against women, but it mirrors the lives of many women over the past 90 years. She talks about her struggles raising five children in the 50’s and 60”s when there were no resources as domestic violence was not addressed by the church, law enforcement or even the courts. She describes how her faith did help her through all the difficult times. 

When she had to move to take care of my husband who was eventually in a nursing home for several years, she left all her writing in a cabinet in a room in the basement at the farm. There was a fire the following year that burned everything in the basement. While she was able to retrieve the first part of the book, the middle after 1993 was totally gone. She had chapters on the National BPW Conventions as well as Youngevity events. She was devastated that she could only write a brief overview of those wonderful years. 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Good Afternoon Vietnam: A Civilian in the Vietnam War

Good Afternoon Vietnam: A Civilian in the Vietnam War 

Good Afternoon Vietnam: A Civilian in the Vietnam War by Gary Wilhelm has just been released in paperback on Amazon. Previously, only the Kindle version was available. This book a plain English account of the war from the perspective of a non-soldier who did have a civilian equivalent military rank and military clothing to wear while working on technology in the DaNang area.
Good Afternoon Vietnam: A Civilian in the Vietnam War

This review is on the New Book Review blog by Carolyn Howard-Johnson. 

A review on Amazon UK states the following about this book:
11 October 2017
Review on Amazon UK by Crystal McClean
I'm going to start off by saying that I am NOT a fan of war stories....BUT this book is DIFFERENT! Good Afternoon Vietnam is not a story about war, nor is it a story of a soldier. This is a story about a young man in a blue suit, white shirt, and tie who has left academia and is beginning his venture into the real world as an engineer; and little did he know how real that world would become. An initial request to transfer to Iceland (which was turned down) led him to two years in the heart of Vietnam.

Wilhelm's descriptions tell the tale well...the heat, the humidity, the smell, as he departed the plane into a land unknown. Being surrounded by armed military men while he was neither military nor armed. He uses the vernacular where appropriate, but explains what the terminology means.

This is a story not particularly violent (except for an unseen bar fight), but rather of adventure; making the best of what you have to improve life, of dull days at work, and watching love bloom between others.

Wilhelm was overwhelmed at the war life when he arrived in Vietnam and didn't take a photo for months as he didn't want to remember what he was seeing. However, I'm glad that he finally did take some photos, as they are sprinkled throughout this book so that we can catch a small glimpse of tin shacks covered in Styrofoam and just picture in our minds some of the hi-jinx he and his friends managed...after all, Wilhelm was an engineer so what else would he do in his down time other than find ways to install unapproved air conditioning?

Ways of communicating with friends and bosses were less than ideal in times before encrypted sat phones and the internet. Just imagine having to fly out of the country to make a phone call! Alcohol was used as currency, and even going to buy toothpaste could involve danger. Yes, this was a whole other world in another time, and one that I know little about, but am now more curious to learn more of.

These are stories that have long been told to Wilhelm's family and friends, no doubt, but are now written down and preserved and shared so that we can see a side of conflict rarely publicly known. It's an easy read and I can imagine being around a table with him while he's retelling a little bit here and there as asides into general conversation.

Good Afternoon Vietnam: A Civilian in the Vietnam War
Thank you for reading, Carolyn

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