Sunday, September 10, 2017

Looking for a Bank Not a Store

Looking for a Bank, Not a Store

by Gary Wilhelm

I set out to the bank where I had been banking for a long time. As I went in the door I was greeted, "Hello. How are you today? What are your plans for today? What did you do last weekend? Any plans for next weekend?"

"Well Hello, Mr. Banker. I notice your title has changed from Bank Manager to Store Manager." I looked around and noticed the bank had a corral set up with a long line of customers. Reminds me of that old movie about the OK Corral. What was that nice music in the movie . . .  it went something like Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling. I thought if the bank is going to have a corral they should play nice music like that. 

I continued, "And you have ten teller stations with only one staffed, but there are seven of your employees standing around out here . . . they must be on their way to their stations, right? No wonder there is a long line." 

I had the nerve to ask him about a friend of mine who had never missed a payment on anything. When he got a personal loan at this bank, the bank charged 16% interest. I have some money here in a savings account and am only paid .25%. I wonder how that can be fair and just.
bank charged 16% interest

I have been hearing about sales quotas and fake accounts with this bank. Oh, that's right, the badge now says Store Manager. The CEO must really be an aggressive guy. 

"It was nice talking with you Mr. Store Manager, but I have to go try to find a bank. I hope there is one somewhere in the neighborhood."

Banks today! Grumph!
Looking for a Bank Not a Store

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Have you seen my story on the MN Vietnam wall by PBS? 

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