Friday, June 30, 2017

Still Smiling by Lois Caswell, Bike in a Basket Part 2

Still Smiling

My last story was about Dad building his bike from a bushel basket full of parts and many more after that until now he is showing his Grandson how to fix bikes and take care of them. He has been concerned that Grandson was doing this just to please him, and maybe he really didn’t enjoy doing it. Grandson doesn’t say much, so it is sometimes hard to tell.

It is amazing in life how beautifully things happen, and I don’t believe it is ever just by accident, but first came Grandson’s sweet note in Dad’s birthday card about how he was enjoying doing stained glass and working on bicycles and how he hopes they can do a lot more of it.
Last Friday evening as we were sitting on the porch just after our dinner, my phone rang and it was Grandson. He said, “Grandma, my friend and I are almost at your house. Would it be OK if we stopped for some ice cream?” Of course, I said and asked if he knew the way. He said he did. I thought it a bit unusual that he would call rather than just drop in. Not surprised to hear he was nearby because those boys have been known to bike 25-30 miles a day, so we waited for them to come.

In just a few minutes they were on the front step. I asked if I could put a burger on the grill for them, but they said no, they just wanted ice cream because both were supposed to be home for dinner later.

Grandson’s friend said, “Can we see the bikes you have been working on?” Grandson proudly took his friend out to the garage and their “Bike Shop.” His friend was very impressed and they had to ride a couple of them. Grandson was all smiles, but nothing compared to the smile Grandpa was wearing.

They inhaled some left over Dairy Queen cake in the freezer, much better than plain old ice cream bars and were soon on their way.

As they left, Grandson said, “Grandpa, can I some over sometime next week to work on bikes?”

Needless to say, Grandpa agreed, and is still smiling. The best part, not questioning whether or not Grandson was doing it to please him.

I am sure they will share many more good times working on bikes. Just goes to show us that the most valuable things really don’t cost much of anything but lots of love and some time.

By Lois H. Caswell


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