Friday, April 7, 2017

Where We Were on 911

Where were you on 9/11? All of us vividly remember the day. As a teacher, this happened during a fall testing day. First, and quite early, a parent came to school when just one tower was hit and told us to keep working. She said the World Trade Center had been bombed before. However, having no TV on at that point, we didn't really know what she meant. She left. Later in the day parents started coming in one by one asking to take their children home. People wanted to be with their families, of course. By lunch time I had heard about the planes and everything, but didn't tell the students until near the end of the day. Most of the other students in the school of grades 4-8 already knew so I wanted mine to be prepared for the talk on the way home. The event was being discussed as current events in some classes. History was being made. Carolyn

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